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Help with Cooking

Many elderly people require help in maintaining their quality of life. Granite House of Help is dedicated to helping senior citizens and disabled people maintain independence in their own homes. 

Granite House of Help is a domestic LLC registered with the Secretary of the State of New Hampshire, certified and licensed by DHHS, Department of Health and Human Services in New Hampshire.

We are a dedicated team of professional caregivers, residential workers, and case managers committed to providing compassionate, personalized care to all our clients. 

Our Staff as Professional caregivers, Nurses Assistants, LPN and RNs often fulfills the following duties in the care process: 


  • Assists with tasks listed in the service plan.

  • Reports observations to supervisor.

  • Granite House of Help value his personnel, as a Professional caregiver is an important member of the service team. Our Professional Nurses' aides and caregiver, spend more time with a client than others.

  • When they are assisting in the person’s home, they pay attention to observe any changes and problems.

  • Our Professional caregivers works with the service team to provide care to the client.

We’re Hiring

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